Montevideo + Colonia, Uruguay

It’s a one hour ferry ride from Buenos Aires to Colonia, Uruguay…so we thought we’d go for a day, why not!? 

Right when we got to Colonia on Sept 3, we took a 2 hour bus straight from the port to Montevideo. We decided to stay in Ciudad Vieja because it has the most things to see and great food. Unfortunately, it was raining for most of the day so we didn’t do and see much. We went to lunch at Mercado Del Puerto, relaxed at the hostel, and then grabbed dinner at La Fonda. Due to the rain, we weren’t feeling 100%, so we had a very low key day. 

On Sept 4, we woke up feeling a lot better. We took a bus to Colonia to explore for the afternoon. Colonia is absolutely beautiful! It’s a small, old town with cobblestone streets and vines growing up the sides of the houses. 

We walked around, took some pictures at the famous lighthouse, and had a quick lunch to relax and pass the time before our ferry back to Buenos Aires. 

All in all, it was fun to go to a different country for a day while staying in BA. Montevideo was very underwhelming (granted the weather wasn’t great), but Colonia was definitely worth the visit!! 

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