Santa Teresa, Brazil

This morning we signed up for a free walking tour, however we got there ~10 minutes late and couldn’t find what we thought was the starting point. After a few minutes of searching with no luck, we decided to do our own walking tour! First, we walked to Arcos da Lapa, which is beautiful but a bit underwhelming. Then we made our way to Escadaria Selarón, which was beyond awesome. Luckily we were able to slowly make our way up the steps since there were very few other tourists there. 

We walked around Santa Teresa for about an hour and then went to Espírito Santa Restaurante for a really yummy lunch! We then went back to the hotel and changed into running gear. Since the weather was finally very sunny today, we went for a run down the beach (in the opposite direction we walked the other day) and then walked back to the hotel on the sand. We stopped at a grocery store, bought some pre-dinner snacks and beers, and headed up to the roof to enjoy the last rays of sun (although it started getting a bit chilly!!). 

Time for dinner, a bottle of wine, and an early night since we have a flight to São Paulo tomorrow morning! ✈️

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