São Paulo, Brazil 

This morning we flew from Rio to São Paulo. LatAm Airlines made us check our packs which was a bit annoying, but other than that we had a smooth ride. Cody’s brother, Mike, studied abroad in São Paulo so he introduced used to his friend Sarah. For the next few days we will be staying with Sarah and her family! We arrived at their apartment, had a homemade lunch, and then went out to walk around the city while Sarah and her sister went back to work. First we went to Museu de Arte Moderna de São Paulo. The museum had some nice exhibitions, but our favorite part was the view from the rooftop!

From the museum, we crossed a bridge over a highway and spent the next few hours in Parque Ibirpuera. It kind of reminded us of Central Park – it was huge, lots of people running and biking, and and so many street vendors surrounding a big lake in the middle. 

After the park, we went back to shower, change, and relax on the roof. For dinner Sarah and her sister, Su, took us out for some authentic, Brazilian food at Quintal do Espeto! We ate chicken heart and drank Chopp, which is a smoother type of beer that’s very popular in Brazil! 

After dinner they gave us a tour around the city and now we’re officially exhausted! Time for bed 🙃! 

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