São Paulo, Brazil 

Today was another busy day! Woke up, had a quick breakfast at Sarah’s, and then took an Uber downtown to our free walking tour! The tour guide was hysterical, very bubbly, and made the tour extremely entertaining. The tour lasted for about 3.5 hours! We saw a lot of the downtown area and had coxinhas for lunch (they are theeee best). For anyone coming to São Paulo, we highly recommend doing the walking tour through São Paulo Free Walking Tours. Below are a few pictures from the tour:

After the tour we walked to the famous Municipal Market of São Paulo. We ended up tasting many different fruits from a very friendly guy at his fruit stand! We bought dragon fruits and a type of fruit similar to a plum (but better 😝). We then took an Uber back towards Sarah’s house, but stopped at the great acai place called Casa Na Praia. We shared an acai bowl. The acai bowls in Brazil are so good because 1) the acai berry comes from the Amazon, which is somewhat close by and 2) they mix a syrup into the acai mixture to make it sweeter! 

After our acai bowls we relaxed on the roof, read, and did some yoga. At around 10ish we decided to go out and hear some samba! We went to a fun bar with a band. The band played music in Portuguese AND English! 

We got home at 4am which is EARLY in São Paulo 😆! 

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