Iguazú Falls, Argentina

Argentina > Brazil 

Wow. We thought the falls yesterday were awesome, but today we went to the falls on the Argentinian side and they were 10x better.

We woke up, had a quick breakfast at the hostel, and went to the bus station (about a 3 minute walk from our hostel). After ~30min bus ride, we arrived at the park, paid our entrance fee (they only accept cash; make sure to bring enough pesos!!), and then booked our boat ride tour. We 100% recommend booking the boat ride tour; it is more expensive then the fee to get into the park, but it is REALLY worth it!! 

We walked the “lower circuit” trail to the entrance of the boat ride. The boat ride was awesome and we weren’t prepared to get as wet as we did..ooops! 🤗 We brought our GoPro on the boat with us, so once we download the footage we will post it! 

After the boat ride, we took the world’s smallest train to Garganta Del Diablo (Devil’s Throat for all you non-Spanish speakers). 

Then we took the mini train back to the entrance of “upper circuit” and saw even better views of the falls!

After the “upper circuit” we were pooped. We took the bus back to our hostel and hung out by the pool. We then went to the grocery store to get some chicken, pasta, peppers, and a bottle of wine. We got back to our hostel, drank wine with some new Australian friends, and then cooked dinner! 

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