Buenos Aires, Argentina

Aug 30 was a low key day with a good amount of traveling. After a quick breakfast, we went for a 1.5 mile run to Marco 3 Fronteiras – the intersection of Paraguay, Brazil, and Argentina! We were excited to see it, but it was a bit underwhelming 😝. 

We walked along the water back to the hostel and hung with our two new Australian friends! We went to the airport with them and boarded our flight to BA. The rest of the day was uneventful – we checked into our awesome hostel (Chill House), had an early dinner nearby at a cute cafe called Musetta, and went to bed. 


Aug 31 was our first full day in BA. We slept in, grabbed coffee downstairs in the hostel, and went to the mall to find an ATM to get some pesos. We wandered around a bit and then had an amazing steak and pasta lunch at a very traditional steakhouse called Arturito. The staff were super friendly, talked to us about “Nueva York,” and gave us a complimentary dish! After lunch, we did a 3 hour walking tour with Buenos Aires Free Walks. We started at Congreso de la Nación Argentina and ended at Casa Rosada. We learned a ton about the Italian influences in BA, the architecture of Palacio Barolo, and about how influential Eva Perón was. 

In the evening we cooked at the hostel and hung out with two guys who are from BA and work at the hostel. Jonathan is a medical student who works at the hostel part time and Antoine is the co-owner of the hostel and told us all about the vineyards in Mendoza and what we should do when we go there in a few weeks! We’re starting to realize how rusty our Spanish is…😁!!

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