El Calafate, Argentina 

We spent Sept 10 and 11 in El Calafate, a major Patagonian city that sits on Lago Argentino. We arrived at our hostel around 2pm on Sept 10, so spent the remainder of the day walking through the city and along the water. The city is very bare and simple. 

The hostel in El Calafate is by far the best we have stayed at so far on our trip (America Del Sur Hostel). The views from the common area are amazing and they have their own restaurant where they do BBQs every night. We shared BBQ lamb the first night and it was the best lamb we have ever had!

Sept 11 was more of an excursion day. We took a small bus with about 15 others to Los Glaciers National Park to see the famous Perito Moreno Glacier. This is one of the last remaining glaciers in the world that is not retreating. Each year, the Glacier expands a few dozen meters in the winter and retreats approximately the same distance in the summer. We went on a boat ride to see the Glacier up close. 

After the boat ride, we walked along all 4 trails in the park. We were able to see the Glacier from all angles! 

Seeing the Glacier was great! Now we’re excited to actually walk ON a Glacier next week in Torres Del Paine! ❄️

One Reply to “El Calafate, Argentina ”

  1. WOW … good stuff! I have walked on a glacier in Alaska, and it was awesome. I am comparing you guys to Anthony Bourdain. Keep well Have fun. XOXOXO


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