El Chaltén, Argentina

On Sept 12 we woke up very early and took a 3 hour bus to El Chaltén (arranged by the hostel). El Chaltén is a village with many trails and viewpoints of Mount Fitz Roy. It’s definitely a must see in Patagonia! We loved the town since the people were friendly and there were microbreweries all over, but unfortunately the weather wasn’t great so we weren’t able to do many of the hikes. We ended up doing a 2 hour hike to a waterfall (Chorillo Del Salta). 

After our first hike, we stopped for some lunch, and then did the other hike available for the day (Mirador de los Condores). The hike led us to two awesome views – one of the lake, and one of the entire town of El Chaltén!

We had a quick dinner in town and then met the bus to take us back to the hostel in El Calafate. Now, off to Chile!! 🇨🇱

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