Ninh Bình, Vietnam

From December 8 to December 9 we travelled to Ninh Bình, a beautiful and non-touristy province known for its valleys and caves. After a four hour bus ride from Halong Bay, the bus dropped us off by the side of the main road. We then boarded small taxis that could manage the narrow and unpaved backroads to the homestay. The homestay was a row of about 12 bungalows along the edge of a small lake far into the rice fields. The weather was a bit cloudy throughout the day, but we made the most of our time there and it ended up being great!!


  • Bike ride through the countryside: Ninh Bình is easily navigable by bicycle. We rode through the rice fields and got to see many goats and water buffalo along the way! P.S. Mel had her own bike, she just hopped onto Cody’s back basket for the photo 😝.

  • Go on a rowboat on the Tam Coc River: We cruised through a network of rivers and caves. The rowboats here are unique because the men and women paddle with their feet instead of their hands. It looks easy, but Cody gave it a try and confirmed it’s much harder than it looks.

  • Climb up the Dragon Mountain Viewpoint: We went here right before sunset to tackle the 450 steps and take in a beautiful view.


  • Make sure to eat goat! While most of our meals were eaten at the homestay, the town is home to several Vietnamese restaurants where goat seemed to be a popular dish.

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