Halong Bay, Vietnam

We spent December 6 through December 8 in Halong Bay. It is on Vietnam’s northern coast and has over 1,900 limestone islands streamed along emerald blue waters. Halong Bay is Vietnamese for “the land where the dragon enters the sea.” The name stems from a legend about a mother dragon who descended on the earth to help ancient Vietnamese people defend their country from invaders from the North of the sea.


  • Cruise: We took a large cruise boat through Halong Bay. We really enjoyed our boat because it went a different way then most of the other boats, making it feel less touristy.

  • Kayak: We went kayaking between the limestone cliffs. The views were beautiful and we were even able to pass through a few caves and explore areas that very few people get to see!

  • Freedom Island: We stayed one night on a private island. The island was about 100m wide and had a volleyball net and two beautiful beaches. For each meal we ate the seafood that the staff caught from the bay earlier in the day.


  • Eat the fresh seafood!!

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