Buenos Aires, Argentina

For our last day in BA, we went out with a bang! In the morning, we did a walking tour of La Boca. La Boca is a very colorful and artistic district of BA. It is also home to the Boca Juniors! 

After the tour, we walked around San Telemo. We went to the Mercado and bought a new book at a quaint bookstore. We cooked an early dinner at home since we had to head out early to pick up our tickets to the Argentina vs. Venezuela fútbol match!!

The game was awesome! We sat in the top section with a bunch of rowdy fans and families. There are so many songs and chants that all of the fans know. If one side of the stadium starts singing and chanting, within seconds the other side of the stadium has joined! What a perfect way to end our stay in BA!! Now we are off to Patagonia!! 🗻

Montevideo + Colonia, Uruguay

It’s a one hour ferry ride from Buenos Aires to Colonia, Uruguay…so we thought we’d go for a day, why not!? 

Right when we got to Colonia on Sept 3, we took a 2 hour bus straight from the port to Montevideo. We decided to stay in Ciudad Vieja because it has the most things to see and great food. Unfortunately, it was raining for most of the day so we didn’t do and see much. We went to lunch at Mercado Del Puerto, relaxed at the hostel, and then grabbed dinner at La Fonda. Due to the rain, we weren’t feeling 100%, so we had a very low key day. 

On Sept 4, we woke up feeling a lot better. We took a bus to Colonia to explore for the afternoon. Colonia is absolutely beautiful! It’s a small, old town with cobblestone streets and vines growing up the sides of the houses. 

We walked around, took some pictures at the famous lighthouse, and had a quick lunch to relax and pass the time before our ferry back to Buenos Aires. 

All in all, it was fun to go to a different country for a day while staying in BA. Montevideo was very underwhelming (granted the weather wasn’t great), but Colonia was definitely worth the visit!! 

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Sept 1 was an eventful day. We went on another walking tour, but this time we walked through Recoleta. We saw Big Ben of South America, Plaza San Martin, the posh neighborhood of Recoleta, and the Recoleta Cemetery. 

After the tour, we had Milanesa for lunch. Milanesa is a very popular cuisine in Argentina and it basically just tastes like breaded meat. After a late lunch we walked home and relaxed before cooking a light dinner at the hostel. After dinner we went to La Catedral Club to watch some tango! We split a bottle of wine and stayed for a few hours 💃🏻. 


On Sept 2, we slept in and had a relaxing morning. After coffee and breakfast at the hostel, we walked around town to find inexpensive Argentinian soccer jerseys for the fútbol match we will be going to in a few days! In the late afternoon we went to Centro Cultural to see Fuerza Bruta. It was very entertaining and it reminded us of Cirque de Soleil. 

After the performance we walked through Recoleta and Palermo for about 2 hours. There was a big outdoor market and a bunch of parks.

We had dinner at the famous steakhouse called Don Julio’s. It was similar to a New York City steakhouse, but cost about a third the price and had way better steak. After dinner we called it a night and headed back to the hostel to pack for Uruguay! 🇺🇾

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Aug 30 was a low key day with a good amount of traveling. After a quick breakfast, we went for a 1.5 mile run to Marco 3 Fronteiras – the intersection of Paraguay, Brazil, and Argentina! We were excited to see it, but it was a bit underwhelming 😝. 

We walked along the water back to the hostel and hung with our two new Australian friends! We went to the airport with them and boarded our flight to BA. The rest of the day was uneventful – we checked into our awesome hostel (Chill House), had an early dinner nearby at a cute cafe called Musetta, and went to bed. 


Aug 31 was our first full day in BA. We slept in, grabbed coffee downstairs in the hostel, and went to the mall to find an ATM to get some pesos. We wandered around a bit and then had an amazing steak and pasta lunch at a very traditional steakhouse called Arturito. The staff were super friendly, talked to us about “Nueva York,” and gave us a complimentary dish! After lunch, we did a 3 hour walking tour with Buenos Aires Free Walks. We started at Congreso de la Nación Argentina and ended at Casa Rosada. We learned a ton about the Italian influences in BA, the architecture of Palacio Barolo, and about how influential Eva Perón was. 

In the evening we cooked at the hostel and hung out with two guys who are from BA and work at the hostel. Jonathan is a medical student who works at the hostel part time and Antoine is the co-owner of the hostel and told us all about the vineyards in Mendoza and what we should do when we go there in a few weeks! We’re starting to realize how rusty our Spanish is…😁!!

Iguazú Falls, Argentina

Argentina > Brazil 

Wow. We thought the falls yesterday were awesome, but today we went to the falls on the Argentinian side and they were 10x better.

We woke up, had a quick breakfast at the hostel, and went to the bus station (about a 3 minute walk from our hostel). After ~30min bus ride, we arrived at the park, paid our entrance fee (they only accept cash; make sure to bring enough pesos!!), and then booked our boat ride tour. We 100% recommend booking the boat ride tour; it is more expensive then the fee to get into the park, but it is REALLY worth it!! 

We walked the “lower circuit” trail to the entrance of the boat ride. The boat ride was awesome and we weren’t prepared to get as wet as we did..ooops! 🤗 We brought our GoPro on the boat with us, so once we download the footage we will post it! 

After the boat ride, we took the world’s smallest train to Garganta Del Diablo (Devil’s Throat for all you non-Spanish speakers). 

Then we took the mini train back to the entrance of “upper circuit” and saw even better views of the falls!

After the “upper circuit” we were pooped. We took the bus back to our hostel and hung out by the pool. We then went to the grocery store to get some chicken, pasta, peppers, and a bottle of wine. We got back to our hostel, drank wine with some new Australian friends, and then cooked dinner! 

Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil

What an incredible day! We flew from São Paulo to Foz do Iguaçu and took a bus to the national park. We read some blogs that mentioned that we should take a cab, but the bus felt extremely safe and was significantly cheaper! We put our packs in lockers, bought tickets to the falls, and jumped on a double-decker bus to take us to the trail. The views from the trail were breathtaking (and yes, we did wear our matching Two Tiny Travelers shirts.. 🙃). 

After seeing the beautiful, panoramic views, we went to the restaurant for a buffet lunch. We had feshuada and other Brazilian dishes! On the trail and at the restaurant we saw these funny animals called coatie. They’re actually really cute, but supposedly they bite if you try to feed them. 

After lunch, we went back to the visitor center to catch a bus to Argentina. We waited for a good hour for the “Rio Uruguay” bus to arrive. Again, the bus felt very safe, brought us to the proper checkpoints, waited for us to get our Passports stamped, and dropped us off close to our hostel. We checked into our hostel, exchanged some money nearby, got some groceries for our trek tomorrow, and had a low key dinner. Now it’s time to relax and get to bed early so we are well rested for the Argentinian side of the falls tomorrow! 

São Paulo, Brazil

Our last day in São Paulo was very relaxing. We had a homemade breakfast and relaxed on the roof for most of the day. Sarah and her family have a great BBQ on their roof, so we cooked a lot of meat and vegetables for dinner . 

We watched the sun set over the city, had dinner, and then did some karaoke!

Thanks to Sarah and her family, we have loved São Paulo! 

São Paulo, Brazil 

Today was another busy day! Woke up, had a quick breakfast at Sarah’s, and then took an Uber downtown to our free walking tour! The tour guide was hysterical, very bubbly, and made the tour extremely entertaining. The tour lasted for about 3.5 hours! We saw a lot of the downtown area and had coxinhas for lunch (they are theeee best). For anyone coming to São Paulo, we highly recommend doing the walking tour through São Paulo Free Walking Tours. Below are a few pictures from the tour:

After the tour we walked to the famous Municipal Market of São Paulo. We ended up tasting many different fruits from a very friendly guy at his fruit stand! We bought dragon fruits and a type of fruit similar to a plum (but better 😝). We then took an Uber back towards Sarah’s house, but stopped at the great acai place called Casa Na Praia. We shared an acai bowl. The acai bowls in Brazil are so good because 1) the acai berry comes from the Amazon, which is somewhat close by and 2) they mix a syrup into the acai mixture to make it sweeter! 

After our acai bowls we relaxed on the roof, read, and did some yoga. At around 10ish we decided to go out and hear some samba! We went to a fun bar with a band. The band played music in Portuguese AND English! 

We got home at 4am which is EARLY in São Paulo 😆! 

São Paulo, Brazil 

This morning we flew from Rio to São Paulo. LatAm Airlines made us check our packs which was a bit annoying, but other than that we had a smooth ride. Cody’s brother, Mike, studied abroad in São Paulo so he introduced used to his friend Sarah. For the next few days we will be staying with Sarah and her family! We arrived at their apartment, had a homemade lunch, and then went out to walk around the city while Sarah and her sister went back to work. First we went to Museu de Arte Moderna de São Paulo. The museum had some nice exhibitions, but our favorite part was the view from the rooftop!

From the museum, we crossed a bridge over a highway and spent the next few hours in Parque Ibirpuera. It kind of reminded us of Central Park – it was huge, lots of people running and biking, and and so many street vendors surrounding a big lake in the middle. 

After the park, we went back to shower, change, and relax on the roof. For dinner Sarah and her sister, Su, took us out for some authentic, Brazilian food at Quintal do Espeto! We ate chicken heart and drank Chopp, which is a smoother type of beer that’s very popular in Brazil! 

After dinner they gave us a tour around the city and now we’re officially exhausted! Time for bed 🙃! 

Santa Teresa, Brazil

This morning we signed up for a free walking tour, however we got there ~10 minutes late and couldn’t find what we thought was the starting point. After a few minutes of searching with no luck, we decided to do our own walking tour! First, we walked to Arcos da Lapa, which is beautiful but a bit underwhelming. Then we made our way to Escadaria Selarón, which was beyond awesome. Luckily we were able to slowly make our way up the steps since there were very few other tourists there. 

We walked around Santa Teresa for about an hour and then went to Espírito Santa Restaurante for a really yummy lunch! We then went back to the hotel and changed into running gear. Since the weather was finally very sunny today, we went for a run down the beach (in the opposite direction we walked the other day) and then walked back to the hotel on the sand. We stopped at a grocery store, bought some pre-dinner snacks and beers, and headed up to the roof to enjoy the last rays of sun (although it started getting a bit chilly!!). 

Time for dinner, a bottle of wine, and an early night since we have a flight to São Paulo tomorrow morning! ✈️